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Maddy and Ty

feel so lucky that I can say that birthing our baby son was wonderful, fun even. Yes it was intense.. it’s birthing life & there’s a strong element of discomfort & pain of course; but mentally, emotionally & physically it was absolutely beautiful! 
I’ll forever look back on our birthing weekend with the biggest smile, the hottest few days of the Year & the limbo of labour.. my waters broke all day on our due date and then nothing happened apart from crazy hormones & mood swings. We decided to give him time and wait for 48 hours with regular checks, but after trying every trick in the book, baby brother was still pretty comfy.
I spent all day at the hospital on my own, slowly being induced, walking & dancing around the corridors listening to reggae, climbing the stairs, feeling utterly focused and ready. When the time came to being moved into the labour ward, my husband joined us and everything started to progress.
There were a lot of windows of uncertainty, Doctors trying to unsettle this rhythm that my body & baby were working with, words that could of potentially brought in fear, thank goodness for you @rachelbuissonlex and the relationship we’ve built over the last few months.
I moved from the moment the first contraction started until he was in my arms, the dance of labour quite literally. My husband held me for every single contraction as I breathed the deepest breaths & my private Midwife massaged my lower back.
When the time came to push, I insisted I was going to stand and birth him in the deepest of Goddess Squats. (Luckily I had two Midwifes & a Birthing Partner.) With the best support team around me, I managed the whole thing without any pain relief, not even gas & air. It was total control of my mind to trust, release & take sweet inhales & exhales.
I loved every moment of it & I’m so grateful to have had this empowering experience of feeling safe & strong.
Thank you for holding me @tytusjunior @rachelbuissonlex 

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