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Radina and Anton Milancheva

I'd like to say a big thank you to my midwife, Rachel, with whom I had the dream delivery of my daughter, Yoana, and without who I wouldn't be as lucky as I am!
After  my first delivery, 2 and a half years ago, with the NHS, I had all the complications possible- I had induction, episiotomy,cervical tear, blood loss and need for blood transfusion! It was a nightmare that I could't forget! I had a debrief with the consultants from the hospital and although they reassured me that it won't happen again, I was terrified to have another baby. But I happened to get pregnant again...and I was still shocked and wondering what to do now- from going abroad to deliver to researching London private hospitals for this. I talked to the manager of the hospital for my concerns and she advised me why don't I try the independant midwives first...I researched all in the area, and it was Rachel that gave me the most confidence....first time that I saw her she won my confidence 100%- she was calm and reassuring that I'll be ok. She is from the people that attract you with her inner peace and calmness...and no need to talk. It was only the money that was a bit of an obstacle that I was wondering about at the beginning...but after my second meeting with her I was adamant that she would be my midwife and no need to look for private hospitals....I had some complications at the end of the pregnancy like raised blood pressure and proteinuria which panicked me but she always reassured me and helped me with natural measures- also baby was breech at 34 weeks and again she gave me advice what to do and reassured me and all was ok! No, it was perfect-  I had the best delivery possible, like  in the textbooks, natural, with no anaesthesia, exactly what she said, and had absolutely no complications- baby was perfect and it was such a relief. I can't say how thankful and relaxed I am- everything happened exactly how she said- delivery time, weeks, days, how quick and easy it was- all that she said came true! I can't recommend her more to everybody that wants to have a natural, stress free delivery! And definitely she returned my faith in the profession and if I have another baby I would choose her again....it is worth every penny! I am sure I would't have this kind of delivery even in the most posh private hospitals in London....
Hope she continues  to be as she is and helps many more mums...
A big thank you from a very lucky woman....

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