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Ante Natal Care

The ante natal care we received from Wessex Independent Midwives (WIM) was outstanding. Firstly, it was very relaxing for us to do everything from home, having as much time as we needed. Secondly, the knowledge and wisdom dispensed gently dissolved many myths and fears around the birth process and what actually happens. When you really start to think about it and marvel about it, you start to realise what an amazingly intelligent process it is…and the fears just melt away. We particularly enjoyed being able to do all the test, both blood and urine, from our home. Moreover, in one instance when we needed a very quick test we were able to get the results within 24 hours. Marvelous. Finally nothing was too much to ask, and we were never put under any undue stress or pressure. This allowed us to make all of our own decisions having been best informed.


During the labour and birth is where WIM really shone. Not only were they extremely attentive and respectful, they also graciously went above and beyond the call of duty. We both really felt like we had our very own, private, personalised, tailor made birth. We would not have changed a thing and feel like everyone should be able to have this experience.

WIM were wonderful in supporting us to support each other through the process, answering questions and helping us to know what to expect. Their wisdom and experience guided us through making the most of restful times and acting and being strong through more active ones!

When Leela was born we were allowed all the time we wanted with her privately, undisturbed whilst EVERYTHING was tidied up for us. The first hours with our baby were undisturbed and heavenly – just the way we wanted it.

Post Natal Care

As if all of that was not enough, the postnatal care we were received was exceptional. We had a visit almost every day and were given all the support we needed around feeding, changing, sleeping, health visitors etc etc. It was like our baby came with a manual… WIM!!!

Whilst we were going through this we wondered how on earth other parents cope without dollops of wisdom and experience on tap!

In summary WIM gave us a service that can be summarised thus: Wisdom, experience and knowledge gently and lovingly delivered. I would highly recommend anyone to use this service. It is worth ten times the amount they ask for.

Krishan and Daniella Ramyead

Other testimonials

"We really can't sing their praises enough, they were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!"

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Anna's Story


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