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Laura and Steve Costantinou

I had chosen to have Erika as my first worry was not being given an epidural if I needed one when I wanted it. My partner is also away a lot with work and I don't have any family here so wanted someone to be able to come with me into hospital that I knew so I didn't feel alone.

I went into labour and it was what seemed for forever and a day and the baby was back to back. Throughout the labour Erika and my partner were there to support and encourage me and rub my back which I can't tell you how much it helped throughout the birth. Because of the support and trust I had in Erika I went through labour with no epidural and just pethidine. My baby came out with out a mark on him and I was all intact with no stitches. I now look at labour in a totally different light as my first thought was the pain but really it's getting your baby here safely it's a tough journey for them and I would never have anyone else deliver any of my babies now apart from Erika. I didn't understand the full importance of a private midwife but I now do and especially hearing some horrific birth stories without one.

The aftercare was just the right amount as well not to long and not to short. I felt quite achy after so there was no way I would want to leave the house to go to My baby's first appointments and any breastfeeding support groups Erika did it all at home which was a god send. I can't recommend her enough or her daughters blueberry and chai seed muffins they are amazing haha .

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