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Kira and Nick Phillips

Erika was our midwife from Wessex independent midwives.

We decided to pay for an independent midwife because we were anxious first time parents. We wanted one on one care and to have that personal touch. We also wanted to look into a home hypno water birth and felt that the level of service and attention you would get from an independent midwife would better suit that situation.

The birth of our daughter, Hope, was wonderful. We managed to have our home water birth. Using coping techniques we learnt along the way, we didn't need any intervention even though she was back to back and took 17 hours to meet us! We loved that we were left to be with one another a lot of the time & that examinations were kept very minimal.

The best feeling is to be able to climb into your own bed once baby is here and rest together as a family, we were able to text or call Erika with any questions, she also visited for 4 weeks after the birth to assist with lots of different things including reoccurring tongue tie and breast feeding issues. She really helped us settle as a family.

We've already recommended this service to friends and family and would definitely use Wessex independent midwives when we decide it's time for our family to grow!

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