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Jenny and James Nicholls

Amazing Homebirth of long - awaited first baby

I cannot recommend Wessex Midwives enough. It was my first pregnancy and I really wanted to know my midwife and for my midwife to understand my wishes during birth. I dithered about an independent midwife, mainly due to cost, however once I made the decision to go for it I wished I had done it sooner. The relief I felt was incredible and I trusted Caroline from the off. The months flew by and at each appointment Caroline, my husband and I put a birth plan in place. No appointment was rushed and I felt I was listened to every step of the way.

 I thought my waters may have broken 2 weeks early and Caroline was available by phone immediately. She advised I make my way to hospital for a check up and she met me there. This was a false alarm but a good practice nonetheless. Caroline was amazing the week before birth liasing with the hospital regarding induction/cesarean plans but luckily baby made an appearance before these were needed.

My baby was born at home with my husband, Caroline and Erika. It was amazing and could not have gone better. I think this was because I was relaxed in the knowledge that I was in fabulous hands.

From speaking to my husband I know he also felt the whole experience was amazing. I think he was sceptical at first but would not hesitate to recommend Caroline. He was given lots of jobs so felt a real part of the birthing day.

The after care received is also brilliant and above and beyond anything the NHS can offer.

Thank you again for a brilliant experience

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