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Maternity counselling

Hello! Welcome to my page. It can be a big step to start to think about having counselling so do take your time to look around.

I am an integrative counsellor, meaning that I draw on several different counselling theories; some elements of Mindfulness as well as bringing myself to our counselling relationship. This means that I can adapt our work together to suit your particular needs.
My work is underpinned by Person - Centred theory which trusts people’s innate ability to look at what is troubling them and grow and develop with the counsellor “walking beside them”.

As an experienced, fully trained counselling and retired midwife I have extensive professional experience in supporting women and/or partners with: 

  • Birth Trauma. Any event that left you or your partner feeling afraid, anxious, out of control or helpless can be trauma. 
  • Baby Loss and Stillbirth
  • Pregnancy following a previous loss
  • Miscarriage-one or recurrent miscarriages
  • Termination
  • Fertility issues-trying to conceive, IVF; feelings around pregnancy following successful conception; not conceiving and feelings around this. 
  • Postnatal depression/anxiety-both in pregnancy and/or postnatally any time after the birth. Both Mothers and Fathers can suffer from postnatal depression and from birth trauma. 
  • Fear of giving birth (tokophobia) 
  • Baby being unwell or in Neonatal Intensive Care either currently or in the past
  • One or both of you feeling very upset or angry by the birth even if it was considered to be a 'normal' birth
  • Feeling overwhelmed by becoming a parent
  • Breastfeeding grief-when feeding your baby did not go to plan

“ I have made so much more progress than I ever thought I could have - this is thanks to the safe space created by Caroline to explore thoughts and feelings safely”. “A”

“Caroline is a caring, thoughtful and compassionate counsellor and has helped me tremendously during the period of counselling”. “M”

You might be a mother or hoping to become one, or a father, or hoping to become one; or a grandparent. You may even have had one or several miscarriages or your baby or Grand-baby may have died.

There are times in our lives as parents when we find ourselves in places of uncertainty or difficulty such as when trying to conceive and having fertility issues; being pregnant or in the postnatal period any time after the birth when our usual coping mechanisms simply aren’t enough to get us back in

Well - meaning friends and family may offer advice or try to console us whereas we may simply want to be heard in a neutral but kind and empathic way.
Counselling can offer you a safe and compassionate space to be truly heard and will give you time to consider what is going on for you in your life currently and look at ways to move forward. 

Sometimes having a baby brings up issues from the past or your relationship with your parents and looking at these issues in counselling may be helpful to prepare you for your relationship with your
own child.

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
(BACP) Accredited Training Course) obtained from Iron Mill College, Poole, Dorset
Diploma in Higher Education/ Midwifery (Registered Midwife, retired)
I have recently spent a number of years working within an NHS Maternity Counselling Service,
providing counselling for both mothers and fathers individually as well as within a charitable
counselling service offering counselling therapy to all adults.
Previously I worked for over 20 years as a midwife, both within the NHS and within private,
independent practice.


For further information please go to:  http://www.carolinebaddileycounselling.com 

Phone: 07549156178

Email: contactcarolinecounselling@yahoo.com