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Birth Debriefing

Birth debriefing                                             

We offer birth debriefing consultations to women and their families, at a time and place that suits you. From our experience we have found that even if you didn’t experience a traumatic or difficult birth, many women and their birth partners have questions that arise after a birth that affect their ability to process the event and; to understand what happened and to come to terms with it. This can affect their ability to cope day to day, bond with their child or they may simply wish to have their feelings heard so that they can move on.

For instance, you may have felt powerless, or unclear about exactly what happened during the birth. Or you may feel intensely disappointed that the birth didn't go as you had hoped.

Perhaps you didn't feel listened to, or that you lacked support from hospital staff. These can all leave you with emotional scars after the birth.

From research we know that:

For other women, it is not always the sensational or dramatic events that trigger
childbirth trauma but other factors such as loss of control, loss of dignity,
the hostile or difficult attitudes of the people around them, feelings of not
being heard or the absence of informed consent to medical procedures. “


We have found that it can be extremely beneficial to have an independent professional hear your story, perhaps go through your hospital notes with you, and help fill in the gaps or provide explanations or insights for what happened. This can be done at any stage after your birth, which might be in the initial months, years later or when you are considering getting pregnant again.

Our aim is that you and your partners’ psychological and emotional needs are heard so that you can take steps to complete your birth journey.



We are considering trying for a second child and are very keen to
understand more thoroughly what led to our emergency C section and would really appreciate your help”

  • Cost of birth debriefing visits : £100

Please contact any one of us to hear more about this service.