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Placenta encapsulation

Placenta Pills and Placenta
Encapsulation …different names for the same thing!

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Caroline Baddiley provides
a personal, professional service to mothers who would like to have their
placenta made in to easy to take pills.

Reported benefits

Placenta pills may:

  • Give you more energy
  • Encourage a healthy milk supply
  • Reduce postnatal bleeding
  • Balance hormones after birth
  • Help prevent baby blues

 How it works:

  • Email, text or call Caroline in your pregnancy
    to request an information pack and a booking form. This will be emailed to you.
  • Caroline is more than happy to answer any questions if you are unsure. There is no obligation to book. She will email you lots of information, a booking form and will answer any of your questions.
  • She will explain how to  store the placenta before she collects it and
    how to contact her when you are in labour and again once your baby is born
  • Caroline will collect your placenta from a home
    birth or from a hospital birth as soon after the birth as possible. It doesn’t
    matter what type of birth or intervention a mother has had – the placenta can
    usually still be made into pills
  • Caroline never has more than one placenta on the
    premises at a time in order to avoid confusion and cross-contamination. She uses strict hygiene procedures and holds a Certificate in Food Hygiene for
  • Pills usually ready within 72 hours and either
    posted or hand delivered, with instructions on how to take and how to store.

For more information about Placenta encapsulation please contact Caroline on 07884321470. 

Placenta encapsulation Fee:  £170 + mileage if out of area

or email: baddileyc@yahoo.com 

Caroline has now retired from midwifery though still works part time in an NHS Breastfeeding Advisory Team. 

She enjoys communicating with her placenta clients and meeting them when she delivers their pills to them. 

Caroline also loves spending time with her two teenage grandsons and her little granddaughter.
Feedback has been very positive and every year more mothers are choosing to use Caroline’s services:

“Thank you for my placenta pills. All received and being taken! They came at a good time as my hormones took a nosedive on day 4 after birth but I feel much better now" Rachel, Jan 2018

“Thanks Caroline. I will recommend you to anyone I know having a baby" Carla, Dec 2017

"Brilliant, efficient service. So quick and so kind and helpful. I’m feeling great" Kate, Oct 2017

"Your service is fabulous. You are very easy to get hold of, reply quickly, happily answer any questions and are really approachable. Nothing is too much trouble!"
Caroline, Dec 2017

"I struggled to feed my first baby resulting in a hospital stay and her being dehydrated. The same happened again with my second baby but we avoided the hospital. I believe my placenta capsules helped balance my hormones during stressful times and avoided a second re-admission." Louise, 2017