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Rachel Lex

Rachel Lex

Telephone number: 07830261160

RM, RN, MSc, BSc, Dip Trop nurse


 I have come to understand that holistic midwifery care is vitally important because the way you feel during your pregnancy has an impact on how your pregnancy progresses, how your baby develops in the womb and how you feel as a parent. I want you to feel totally heard, supported, loved and empowered to move into this next stage of your life. Pregnancy is such a precious time in a woman's life, no one can emerge unchanged. It is a hugely transformative process.  In my experience you need to feel totally surrounded with positivity and support so that your body can do the job it knows how to do and your state of mind will influence this. 

Rachel has 16 years experience working in maternal and new born health. She began by training to be a general nurse. She did her nursing elective in rural Mexico and was inspired by the practice of traditional midwives and the rituals around birth. She later did voluntary work in Uganda for the white ribbon alliance for safer motherhood and in Rwanda with the Tropical Health and Education Trust. She qualified as a midwife from Kings College London and has a Masters in Reproductive and Sexual health research.

It is well recognised that being supported in your pregnancy by a midwife who expresses a strong belief in your ability to give birth has a profound impact on your birth experience.  Having worked in the NHS as a nurse and then as a midwife for the last 20 years, Rachel chose to work independently so that she could practice midwifery in a way that she feels provides the most enriching experience for both herself, women and their families. By really getting to know each other over the course of the pregnancy, a professional relationship of trust is established which reduces anxiety and tension for everyone. Her goal is that you will feel empowered and confident as you progress through your pregnancy, feel fully informed and calm about your choices around birth. Rachel feels it is a privilege to be invited to share this very special and often intense journey with families. 

Rachel is skilled in the art of nurturing women to find their strength to birth in their own power and with dignity. She is a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and incorporates this in birth preparation classes and one to one tuition. Please see : http://www.wessexindependentmidwives.co.uk/1_39_Pregnancy+Yoga

Rachel speaks fluent French and lives in Dorset with her husband of 14 years, their son Isaac, 8, and daughter Zoe ,4 .

"Rachel guides you through a fantastic practice which prepared my body and mind in a way I had overlooked in my first pregnancy. I truly believe this was a large factor in why I had the most incredible home birth experience this time. I would recommend Rachel in a heartbeat. It's a decision you'll be thankful you made forever for you and for your baby."

Please feel free to contact me on 07830261160 for an informal consultation.

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