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Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson

Telephone number: 07828719278

Erika qualified as a midwife in 2000 and worked in an NHS trust before she worked as an independent midwife.  During her time in the NHS she was involved in making home from home birthing rooms in an obstetric unit and contributed to rewriting protocols and guidelines which would enable women to have a more natural and less controlled and managed birth.

The politics, and challenges in the NHS system left Erika frustrated at not being able to provide personal, one to one care throughout the whole birthing journey and so she started to work independently alongside her NHS work. She wanted to be able to offer the continuity of carer model of care to everyone, time and flexibility to tailor care to individual needs, and so set up in independent practice.

Erika continues to work in the NHS local unit when they need staff alongside her independent practice.  Erika believes that preparation for birth is extremely important in making the experience positive. She therefore provides antenatal and postnatal classes which have been highly appraised.  In her work supporting new mothers and feeding Erika performs tongue tie division as well.

She also enjoys additional activities related to her midwifery practice. She recently worked on the Choose your  midwife, Choose your birth campaign, mainly as political correspondent and insurance co-ordinator.  This campaign ensured that women in the UK maintained the right to choose the circumstances of their birth and opt out of the NHS if they wished.

Erika is British Journal of Midwifery Community Midwife of the Year 2015.  An award given to a community midwife who provides outstanding maternity care for women in a community setting. The award recognises the work of a Community Midwife who has shown an unfailing commitment to ensuring women receive the best antenatal and postnatal care. 

Erika supports the local ambulance services in their training, advising and commenting on press in order to educate, such as advising the news during the dutchess of Cambridge pregnancy and birth,  recently advising on the BBC drama Call the Midwife,  and continuing correspondence with government and birthing organisations in order to improve maternity care.

Erika feels that Independent midwifery allows her to practice midwifery in a way which she feels is beneficial for you, the client and for her, the midwife.  “I wanted to be able to offer high standard, personal midwifery care to everyone, to be able to treat each woman as an individual and tailor her care to her needs, ideas and wishes. I wanted to be able to offer a safe alternative when the NHS can’t meet a families needs for whatever reason.  I want women and their partners to feel confident and reclaim ownership of their pregnancy and births”.

Erika and her husband have had over 20  years together and have 3 wonderful children. Her personal birth experiences have all been different, but all amazing, empowering, beautiful and euphoric and her midwifery practice supports women, so that they may feel this too.

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