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Antenatal classes

Beautiful Births Antenatal classes with Erika

I believe antenatal preparation is fundamental to improving birth experiences. Over the years I have seen society dramatise childbirth as a difficult medical event which every women must endure. This leaves couples frightened and apprehensive about what is to come. So, determined to inform prospective parents about the truth around birth I formulated Beautiful Births birthing classes. These classes will put the scare stories into perspective, prepare you for the journey your body is going on, inform you realistically of what really goes on in birth, tell you what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected! You can remain calm and in control of your birth throughout if you are prepared. If you are well-informed you can approach your birth with confidence, joy and

The classes are brought to you with knowledge, honesty and humour in an innovative way and in a relaxed manner. My aim is you will have fun as well as gain the knowledge and confidence you need.

Your personal session will be tailored to suit your needs but can cover topics such as:

  • Physiology of labour – Understanding this can help you use your body to your advantage
  • Practical techniques for labour and relaxation
  • Water birth
  • Coping with labour techniques 
  • Medical pain relief
  • What to expect if things don’t go to plan and how to deal with it if that happens
  • Communicating effectively with your health professionals
  • Birthing partner’s role, Dads are important too
  • Postnatal changes
  • Practical tips for coping with and understanding your new baby
  • Help with breastfeeding
  • Help with bottle feeding
  • Options for birth such as home birth, hospital birth, water birth and the type of birth experience you’d like
  • Relaxation
  • Evidence based, recent, relevant advice and information

Classes are organised in two 2.5 hour sessions

£190 which can be one to one or split between 2 couples if you have someone you wish to share with.

Please call me on 07828719278 for more info or to book a class.